Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning will help maximize the quality of life in your retirement years.

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Safe Money Alternatives

There are a variety of safe money alternatives which can be tailored to your needs.

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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is not just about passing assets along. Legacy Planning is about focusing on something greater:
“Your Wisdom”.

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I am Gary Waitzman, an experienced CPA, Attorney, and Financial Advisor with a focus on helping clients navigate through the complexities of planning for their retirement. I am committed to being your partner in strategizing and executing plans that will allow you the most beneficial outcome for your personal situation.



Gary and his whole staff are professional and welcoming. Dealing with financial and estate decisions can be stressful. They make the experience comfortable and enjoyable!

Retired Abbott Scientist/Project Manager
Diane VanderVennet

I feel Gary is striving to educate clients, more than he is to sell them something. I have a sense that he really cares for his clients’ well-being. He is accepting of the fact that I may not always agree with him. Gary’s staff are always pleasant and treat me like a valued client, not just another customer.

Retired - formerly a Global Benefits Consultant
Laurie Letts

Gary has a unique ability to make you feel comfortable immediately upon entering his office. He is unique in his ability to explain over and over again his products; he wants to make sure you understand every detail and nuance; and most importantly, he cares about you as an individual.

Flight Attendant
Darlyn Wittig

It’s Not What You Own
It’s What You Value

I / my team believe that everyone, rich or not so rich, deserves great financial advice and planning services. You can be confident that we’ll put YOUR BEST INTERESTS FIRST and that you are getting the best expertise we have to offer.

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